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Must I have a driver's license?
No, but most American lead highly mobile lives and you will find a family match much faster if you have one.


Comprehensive medical Insurance is provided by the program, inclusive in the program fee. Click here for more information 

What are the duties and responsibilities?

·  Provide up to 45 hours of childcare per week, but no more than 10 hours per day

·  Provide quality childcare

·  Help children get ready for the days activities

·  Assist with general child-related chores, such as laundry, tidying the children's bedrooms and play areas, and food preparation for the children

·  Driving the children between home, school and other activities

This is what Americans understand by the words "au pair."

Be an au-pair in the USA
How long is my contract?

JCR will ask you to contract with your host family for one year. You may then take a thirteenth month in the USA to travel and explore the country or you can extend your stay by an additional 3, 6 or 12 months. Its your choice! 

If you have been an aupair in the USA once before and would like to go again, you can now apply for a second time!

If one year is more than you can manage, have a look at the  summer aupair program for four months!

Why the age limits..I look very young!

The age limits are not set by JCR. They are set by the American Government and unless you are within the age limits requested, you will be refused an au-pair permit for America.

How much will it cost me?

Click here for the program costs.

What Protection do I have?

With our programs you have the security of being a legal au pair participant with a proper J-1 exchange visitor visa. Au pairs who are in the USA illegally can be arrested and expelled from America, without the opportunity to return. They often receive little money, and have no legal rights and no one to turn to for help. JCR offers a safe and legal approach to becoming an au pair in America.


All AuPairs travel on a legal J-1 exchange visitor visa, which allows you to come and go freely to and from the USA.



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There are five program choices; scroll down to see more on each one, then click on the program for application forms and detailed information. If you send us an email to request forms via email, please remember to tell us which program and which country.
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 AUPAIR in  America

You can make it happen, by living as part of an American host family for a whole year through our USA  Intercultural Child Care Programs. You'll help care for your host family's children in exchange for the rich experience of living as a treasured "big sister" in an American family.

Only a limited number of applications are accepted each year. It is the only legal means of becoming an au pair in the United States. 

According to the United States Department of State, the au pair program is organized to permit “foreign nationals the opportunity to live with an American host family and participate directly in the home life of the host family while providing limited child-care services and attending a U.S. post-secondary institution.” An au pair is expected to work up to 45 hours per week and perform light housework related to the children for whom she cares.  This is in contrast, perhaps, to other countries' standards, where an au pair may work less than 45 hours per week or may be asked to perform general housekeeping tasks. The au pair must be flexible about scheduling the hours she will provide childcare for the host family, because many of our host families consist of two working parents. 


Your host family expects you to provide safe, loving, reliable care for their children for up to 45 hours each week. You may be responsible for bathing and feeding the children, playing games, making up the beds and straightening the children's rooms. Your day may include being available to a sleeping child, helping with schoolwork, or driving the children to a soccer or ballet practise. You won't be responsible for heavy housework, but you may prepare an occasional family meal, help clean up the dinner dishes, or help with the family grocery shopping. As you enthusiastically join in your family's life - and chores - you'll soon realize that even the simplest of family activities - a trip to the market or walk through the neighbourhood - help you learn more about America

We provide you with information about your host family and they will call you for an interview. Often you will choose a family based on mutual expectations and hobbies and interests, or they may just sound right. 


When you become an  Au-pair through JCR:

  • YOU will  choose the Host Family you wish to live with, and we provide you with detailed information about families to help you decide wisely.
  • Families are in over 400 communities nationwide. The family you choose may be close to theatres, museums, and historical sights; or you may live where you can spend your free time on the ski slopes, camping hiking, or on the beach.
  • Free air tickets are provided 
  • You will undergo a pre departure orientation to prepare you for your flight, homesickness and the experience. You will receive a handbook and other useful information such as suggestions on what to pack.
  • You receive a detailed travel itinerary and your Host family will meet you at your home stay airport.
  • Sponsorship includes obtaining a J-1 visa that will allow you to experience the United States for 12 months and to travel America for one additional month with an option to renew for a second year.
  • A Local Area Representative or Community Counsellor, who will guide, advise, and assist you throughout the year.
  • Your counsellor will help you build a relationship with your Host Family that will last a lifetime.
  • We will provide you with a toll-free phone number for any additional assistance that you might need.
  • Travel assistance is provided year round, with many tours available.
  • At the end of a successful year, YOU will be AWARDED a CERTIFICATE 
  • You will live with a host family and have your own room and all your meals as well as receive pocket money. 
  • You will be able to study courses of your choice.
  • As a participant, you are automatically entitled to receive benefits under the medical insurance package. 

There are five options for this program:

STANDARD   Au Pair An Au Pair is an international legal visitor who lives in the United States as an extended member of their Host Family. These young men and women provide child care services in exchange for room, board, a weekly stipend, and contributions towards education. Most au pairs participate in the Au Pair Program for the valuable cultural experience of living with an American family and are treated more as a member of the family then an employee. Au pairs can be from any foreign country except those which the U.S. does not have diplomatic relations.

What are the requirements to be an Au Pair?

  •   Must be between the ages of 18 and 26

  •   Must have graduated from secondary school of the equivalent

  •   Must be proficient in English

  •   Must complete Au Pair Application

  •   Must be able to provide at least 2 non-related childcare references and at least 1 non-related character reference

  •   Most pass a criminal background check

  •   Must pass psychometric test

  •   Must obtain a J1 Cultural Exchange visa under sponsorship   READ MORE

Au Pair Plus The Au Pair Plus Program is for au pairs that have lived abroad as an au pair for at least one year before applying to be an au pair with goAUPAIR. These au pairs receive a higher weekly stipend for their child care duties.

Host families provide a weekly stipend of $170 and room and board and up to $500 towards completing 6 semester credits of education courses.

In addition to requirements to be an Au Pair, an Au Pair Plus candidate has Completed at least one year as an au pair in another country

     Premiere Au Pair The Premiere Program is for au pairs with professional training or at least 2 years of full time child care experience. These au pairs receive a higher weekly stipend for their child care duties.
Host families provide a weekly stipend of $200 and room and board and up to $500 towards completing 6 semester credits of education courses.

In addition to requirements to be an Au Pair, a Premiere Au Pair candidate has:

  •             Completed either a full-time academic course in childcare OR

            Has two years full-time experience as a nanny, child care provider, or nursery school teacher

  •         Driver’s license for at least 6 months

  •         At least 20 years old   READ MORE

EduCare Au Pair The EduCare Program is ideal for au pairs wanting to focus on their education in addition to providing quality child care to American families with school aged children.
Would you prefer to spend half your time getting Univeristy credits? Perhaps Educare is better for you!
What is a EduCare Au Pair?

  • Provide up to 30 hours of childcare per week,
  • Help get children ready for school each morning,
  • Provide after school care,
  • Help with homework,
  • Assist with general child-related chores like doing laundry,
  • Introduce your children to new cultures

Host families provide up to $1,000 towards completing 12 semester credits of education courses, a weekly stipend of $132.64 and room and board.  READ MORE

Summer Au Pair This program is for four months and you receive the same weekly stipend as a full year au pair. The arrival time is fixed for arrival in May / June or each year and the  last applications are accepted in February.  READ MORE