Hospitality program - UK


Chef at work

Work in top 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in the UK. Great experience. Internationalise your CV.

Single people aged 18 to 30, 

Working Holiday Visa - 24 months
Ancestral Visa 4 years [renewable]
Right of Abode/UK/EU Passport no limit
12 month placement


You may participate in this hospitality in the UK program if you:

  • are mature and responsible prepared to commit to agreed length of the contract
  • have completed either a certificate, diploma or a degree with some relevant recent experience in your field of hospitality OR
  • have completed at least year 10 and have recently worked for at least a year in your field of hospitality
  • are conversant in English
  • are energetic and enthusiastic
  • are prepared to take on the job that is agreed on and offered to you and to do it to the best of your ability in the field of hospitality
  • are in good health
  • are a citizen or a permanent resident of a commonwealth country eligible for a United Kingdom working holiday permit (for example, South Africa)

Some of the hospitality positions available in top 3 ,4 and 5 star establishments. All hospitality placements include on site accommodation as part of the package. Hotels are mainly in the south of England and range from boutique hotels to chain hotels.

    Chef de partie        Chef de Rang Day/Night Porter
  Restaurant Chef     Management
  Commis Chef   Reception staff
  Head Waiter   Pastry Chef
  Commis Waiter   Executive Chef

All our establishments offer on site accommodation. In some, a small fee is charged for residence and meals. Some offer free accommodation and food, included in the package. Meals are usually supplied when on duty. Some hotels pay by the hour, others by the week and some by the month. Wages are before tax. However, you can claim the tax back at the end of your stay.

It can sometimes take time to find you the right hotel placement. We will do everything in our power to match you according to your abilities and experience. You may need to be patient. When a placement is made the hotels usually want you to start within two weeks and sometimes sooner. You must be ready to move quickly. It is essential that you have your visa or British/EU passport.

You are expected to be committed to taking a hospitality position from the time you do your application. Only people who can show their full level of commitment to the hospitality program will be accepted onto the program. Our UK offices only put forward serious job offers, our applicants are expected to be equally serious about taking such a job and honouring their commitment and contract. A commitment to an establishment is a commitment to do a job well for the full time of the contract.

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