Gallery of photos and letters from work and travel applicants
Hi, Renee
Well it's going on 4 months now and the Indian experience has been nothing short of phenomenal:
On the work front I've been fortunate enough to land a position in Business Development in a small team of 3 (including my boss and another intern fresh from Oxford university), and we're moving into the sales portion of putting out a new IT product into the market. We've already started approaching local companies, though it seams more likely that the product will shift to the US market once it's up and running - we're just awaiting final sign off for the budget. Oh ja, did I mention the budget is 2 million USD. . .? :-) Sweet.
Travelling has also been a ball, and the last trip was a 160 km motorbike drive to a village to the south of Hyderabad (home of the second largest dam in the world). With the commute to work and sorts it paid rather to buy a motorbike, and I was able to get a good deal from an outgoing Dutch intern.
I'm seriously considering taking a course in IT process architecture. Satyam offers a great deal of courses to its employees, and my existing technical knowledge from high school should come handy. It seems very likely that I'll either extend my term another 6 months (to total 18 months), or take up employment in Ireland. . .whichever comes first. Ireland is the world's largest exporter of software (I know. . .who would've known!?), and the Euro wouldn't hurt either. I should be able to get in at least with a "Working holiday visa" - worst case scenario - though I'll be starting the job market research and scouting as early as March.
Anywho, trust all is in good stead at your end, a prosperous festive season and New Year to you and yours! :-)
Kind regards,
Neil J.M. Joubert
Ps. As requested, attached are a couple of pic's from the last 3 months! 

neil is on internship with satyam computers in india

Neil at the Royal Tombs Hyderabad Coimbatore Mountains