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Must I have a driver's license?

It will certainly help you have a wider choice of position! Without  a driver's license you are limited to major cities and families that do not require a driver. It may take longer to find a match.


What can I earn?
You will be paid in British pounds once a week by your host family. They will pay you a nett amount after all deductions. You will not have to pay rent and your family will also provide all meals,so your money is free and clear. You can earn between
150 and 250 per week or in Rands, approximately R12,000 per month! 


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Working Holiday programs in the United Kingdom

 Click here for the Qualified Nanny / Premiere Aupair Program

The Working Holiday visa will be coming to an end towards the end of 2008. The UK Immigration Services have been speaking of possible changes for some time. It is now upon us and very much a reality. We have kept our ears as close to the ground as possible on this topic.What we know is that the UK Working Holiday Visa, greatly appreciated by young South Africans since the early 90's, will be replaced by the Youth Mobility Scheme. At present it appears that our government has not made sufficient reciprocal arrangements with the British Government for South Africans to be eligible for the new scheme. We have been advised that these changes could begin any time from October. If you are interested in travelling to the UK on a Working Holiday Visa, you should apply sooner rather than later. If you are currently studying and about to graduate, you may want to consider applying for the existing Working Holiday Visa for travel at a later date.



South African's are sought after by British families to work in their homes as Mother's helps.  Male applicants however, should know that most British families will only accept a male applicant in an aupair position and not in any other position unless you have both qualifications and awesome references. 

A word of caution; The UK program is a tough program. UK families are not like American or Dutch families. They are much more demanding, want their "Pound's Worth" so to speak and of course pay very well for it. You should not expect to be made part of the family. You will be treated very well, will have a nice room etc but should not expect to be part of the family. Most families tend to be rather distant and reserved. They are not looking for an additional child or another "daughter" in the home. You can expect to work hard, you must  make friends as quickly as possible and to be very independant within yourself. You are expected to be responsible and a self starter with good initiative. Most families will possibly give the Mother's Help some kind of a routine schedule and then expect them to get on with it. If you can't do that you will not cope. You  need to be very emotionally mature.  If you do not believe you will cope rather go as an aupair, earn less money but work less hours with a lesser level of responsibility. Physical age has nothing to do with it but mental age and emotional maturity counts for a lot. 


You are an extra pair of hands helping to run the home. Your host family expects you to be able to work on your own without supervision, to be comfortable taking sole charge of their school going children and providing safe, loving, reliable child care assistance for between 40 and 50 hours per week. You may be responsible for feeding the children, taking them to school and fetching them, supervising homework and taking them to extra mural activities such as horse riding, swimming lessons, art, karate, ballet; arranging play dates with friends and taking them on suitable outings.  You will be responsible for all laundry, meal preparation for the children and keeping the home clean and tidy. In addition you may have to fill the car with petrol, do the weekly shopping, take clothes to the dry cleaners, in fact anything that will help the mother manage her home whilst she is at work. 


You need to complete our detailed application forms which you can download directly from the top of this page. Once we have received your application, we submit it to host families. We provide you with information about  host families that are interested in you and they will call you for an interview. Often you will choose a family based on mutual expectations and interests, or they may just sound right. Once the match is agreed, JCR will put in place a contract and assist you with your visa and flight. The working holiday visa is a two year visa and you are expected to use your earnings to explore and travel for at least 50% of the time you are in the UK. Accordingly, we will require you to sign a  contract with the host family for 6 to 12 months.


When you become a  Mother's Help you will:

  • Have your own furnished bedroom in your host family's home, or a separate flat of your own.
  • Receive weekly pay from 150 - 250 per week after deductions. This depends on your experience, maturity and the responsibilities and duties you undertake. Salaries are higher in London than elsewhere in the country.
  • Have two weeks paid  vacation 
  • Have access to family transport or a car of your own to drive.
  • Receive a formal contract listing your hours, duties, responsibilities, pay and notice requirements.
  • Have support for the full period of your contract, including rematch if necessary by a JCR representative in your work area.
  • Be able to travel and explore the UK.

Here is one of our positions: FAMILY WHITE - LIVE-IN MOTHERS HELP/HOUSEKEEPER -  Good salary UKP 275 per week.

2 boys aged 2 1/2 and 7 months.  Older boy goes to nursery in the mornings and from September he will be at nursery until 3pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Ideally the family would like somebody who is happy to do the cleaning as well as help with the children. They need help from 7am with breakfast and dressing etc. Help needed getting him ready in the morning and then going to the park etc in the afternoons when he gets home from school. Driving useful but not essential. The baby is at home all day but mum often takes him with her  in the mornings and this is when light housework will be done every day. also family laundry and ironing and some errands etc. The baby sleeps between 12.30 and 2.30pm and both kids eat tea at 5ish and are bathed and in bed by 7pm.  Family go to Ireland a lot during the year and it would be lovely to have someone who is able to travel with them on those trips. 2 free days per week Wednesday and Sunday, with one full free weekend per month.  2 nights baby-sitting to include one weekend night except for on the free weekend. The family have a four bedroom house near to a park in Fulham and the mother's help room would be at the very top with it's own bathroom and TV etc. Strict non-smokers, Catholic faith (not religious) no pets. They say they are a very nice normal family and think whoever came to help them would be happy.  Lovely job


To apply you must

  • be able to get a UK working holiday visa or be eligible for an ancestral visa or have a European passport
  • enjoy children aged between 3 months and 12 years and have at least 200 hours of child care experience
  • are a dedicated person, willing to make a one year commitment to the host family and spend your second year travelling and touring.
  • are conversant in English
  • are a non smoker
  • are energetic and enthusiastic
  • are between the ages of 18 and 29
  • preferably have a driver's license (it may take longer to place you if you do not have a driver's license and your choice of areas will be restricted).

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