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What can I earn?
You will be paid in British pounds once a week by your host family. They will pay you a nett amount after all deductions. You will not have to pay rent and your family will also provide all meals,so your money is free and clear. You can earn between
200 - 350 per week or in Rands, approximately R15,000 per month! In addition the family will contribute 500 (approx R6800)  towards your airfare and provide a further bonus of 500 (approx R6800) at the end of your contract.


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 Nanny work in the UK

Working Holiday programs in the United Kingdom
The Working Holiday visa will be coming to an end towards the end of 2008. The UK Immigration Services have been speaking of possible changes for some time. It is now upon us and very much a reality. We have kept our ears as close to the ground as possible on this topic.What we know is that the UK Working Holiday Visa, greatly appreciated by young South Africans since the early 90's, will be replaced by the Youth Mobility Scheme. At present it appears that our government has not made sufficient reciprocal arrangements with the British Government for South Africans to be eligible for the new scheme. We have been advised that these changes could begin any time from October. If you are interested in travelling to the UK on a Working Holiday Visa, you should apply sooner rather than later. If you are currently studying and about to graduate, you may want to consider applying for the existing Working Holiday Visa for travel at a later date.


You want professional childcare to be your career. You may have a Montessori or Educare or other nursery school or day care  qualification or you may have been working in full time child care for two years or more already.  This program has been designed especially for you and recognises your special skills and abilities. You will be responsible for the sole charge of young children, not yet at school aged from 3 months to 4 or 5 years old. You will be fully responsible for their care, including feeding, bathing, dressing, providing correct stimulation for their growth and development and in addition for the care of their rooms and clothing. Here is a sample of one of our positions:

FAMILY S. HELLER - Housekeeper/Nanny - required ASAP.  3 boys aged 6, 4 and 9 months. The older boys are at school daily. Mum is at home but highly involved with charity work. All nursery duties and children's laundry and ironing also preparation of children's meals. Light housework daily. Getting the boys up, dressed giving breakfast etc. Family have a chocolate Labrador (quite a small one) who will need to be taken out just for a short 'toilet breaks' during the day.  A dog walker is employed. Cleaner employed 3 times a week for all heavy duties. Child-care will all be share care as when mum is around she likes to do things with the boys, but she wants to be able to leave the baby with Nanny, who can take him for walks, to groups etc.  Family have a home in Sussex near Chichester where they will be going for 5 - 6 weeks during the summer and they will need Nanny to go with them.  If the Nanny wants to go to London occasionally (1 hours 25 mins. on train) that will be fine and family will pay her fare. Good swimmer as family have pool in the country. House has been built in a micro-climate, so weather is beautiful. and house opens up on to the beach. Family are looking for a flexible warm girl, not a strict disciplinarian but someone who can mould the boys (who are lively) to have good manners and to do as they are asked without shouting etc. Each month Mr Heller is away in South Africa for a week, so a reliable and mature girl needed who can fill in with an extra pair of hands. Family live approx. 10 mins. from central London with absolutely everything you could need. Own room and bathroom and own sun terrace opening from bedroom (not huge room). Non-smokers. Jewish faith keeping dietary laws, but not religious. Driving not necessary. 275 pounds per week tax and insurance paid.



You need to complete our detailed application forms. Email   so that we can arrange an interview for you. You will need copies of all your qualifications and references from every child care position you have had. Once we have finalised your application, we submit it to host families. We provide you with information about  host families that are interested in you and they will call you for an interview. Often you will choose a family based on mutual expectations and interests, or they may just sound right. Once the match is agreed, JCR will put in place a contract and assist you with your visa and flight. The working holiday visa is a two year visa and you are expected to use your earnings to explore and travel for at least 50% of the time you are in the UK. Accordingly, we will require you to sign a  contract with the host family for 6 to 12 months.


  • Work up to 55 hours per week including some evenings babysitting
  • Work 10 hours per day, childcare and childcare related housekeeping only
  • Have your own furnished bedroom in your host family's home, or a separate flat of your own.
  • Receive weekly pay from 200 - 350 per week after deductions. This depends on your experience, maturity and the responsibilities and duties you undertake. Salaries are higher in London than elsewhere in the country.
  • Have two weeks paid  vacation 
  • Have access to family transport or a car of your own to drive.
  • Receive a formal contract listing your hours, duties, responsibilities, pay and notice requirements.
  • Have support for the full period of your contract, including rematch if necessary by a JCR representative in your work area.
  • Be able to travel and explore the UK.
  • Have 500 contribution from the family  towards your airfare when you accept a year contract and a further 500 bonus at the end of your stay!

To get onto the program:

  • You must be between 20 and 29 inclusive.
  • Must be a non smoker
  • Preferably have a driving licence for at least six months
  • You must have either 
  • Completed either a full-time academic course in childcare OR
    Have two years full-time experience as a nanny, child care provider, or nursery school teacher
  • Be prepared to make a commitment to a family's child care needs.

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