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Must I have a driver's license?
No, it is not a prerequisite for a position in the Netherlands, but you must be able to ride a bicycle to get the most out of your experience! A Dutchman without a bike is like a fish without water! Holland is the ultimate cycling country!

Bicycle bell


What are living conditions like?
You can expect your own room as an au-pair, provided within the family home.   Most people live in rowhouses or in apartments. Traditionally houses were compact because building on boggy or reclaimed soil involved sinking pilings deep into the ground. The structure on top of the pilings had to be kept light and reasonably sized, so many houses had shared walls.

Welmarie gains child care experience for her aupair year

What will my au-pair duties be?

Dutch families require very little domestic assistance from their aupairs. Most of the duties of an au-pair  will revolve around the children; however an au-pair should expect to do washing and ironing, general tidying up of the home,  and cooking for the children. You will be required to contract for a minimum period of one year.

 Click here to have a look at a typical family's expectations

Click here to see the list of what the Netherlands Aupair Organisation determined constitutes light housework in Holland.

How much will it cost me

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Aupair in the Netherlands

AU PAIR program in HOLLAND
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AU-PAIR in Netherlands

Netherlands is a country where South Africans feel very much at home. Amsterdam has the most ‘museum per square inch’ of the world, filled with modern art, Dutch design, paintings from famous Dutch painters such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Mondriaan, etc. Of all the monuments in Holland the castles may be the most impressive. Step inside the gates of the Muiderslot or visit the majestic Het Loo Palace. Holland has plenty of  windmills, tulips and cheese too!  It is a requirement of the Dutch work permit that you study their language and the language school is required to provide a certificate of attendance and competency. If Netherlands is your choice, you MUST plan ahead. Many of the documents required for the visa take two months to get, and the visa itself can take three to four months from the time of application. Your complete application must reach us six months before your planned travel date!


Dutch value three things above all: their children, their homes and their gardens. The Netherlands is a family-centred country. The Dutch have created a special kind of domestic life, which they call gezellig, a home that feels cosy and enjoyable.. You may be responsible for bathing and  feeding the children, playing games, taking them to school and fetching them, supervising homework and taking them to extra mural activities such as, swimming lessons, art, karate, ballet; arranging play dates with friends and taking them on suitable outings.  You will be responsible for ironing, general housework,  meal preparation, help with grocery shopping and other family chores. Family life is warm, cosy and affectionate.

We provide you with information about your host family and they will call you for an interview. Often you will choose a family based on mutual expectations and hobbies and interests, or they may just sound right. Should the unlikely case of an exploitative situation occur, JCR will remove you and arrange for you to stay in a safe house and where possible place you with another family.


  • Have your own furnished bedroom in your host family's home
  • Receive pocket money of between 300 to 340 Euros per month 
  • Have one weekend and one day per week off per month
  • work a maximum of 30 hours per week
  • be able to travel and explore Europe
  • Be given a handbook and attend an aupair course on arrival
  • Meet regularly with other au-pairs
  • Be enrolled in a Dutch language course by your host family.
  • Have your airfare paid for you by your host family 
  • A long stay MVV  visa that allows you to stay in the Netehrlands legally for one year.


To apply you

  • be aged between 18 and 25 inclusive
  • enjoy children aged between 3 months and 13 years and have at least 200 hours of child care experience with sibling or relatives or friends
  • have completed matric
  • are a dedicated person, willing to make a one year committment to experience Dutch culture.
  • are a non smoker
  • be willing to apply six months prior to your expected travel date as the Dutch visa takes three to four months from date of application for approval
  • are energetic and enthusiastic



To use these forms you must have a version of Adobe Reader on your computer.

( email us to request these sent to you as word documents if you prefer, please remember to tell us which country!) 


How to complete the application Medical View a completed photo collage

Application (this version allows you to complete the form online and email only the data. You can courier or post the balance of the application)

Application (This version can be printed and returned to us)



View a complete letter
Cover Sheet
Agreement Online Aupair Selection Test. You must email the data to us online. You cannot save this form.  Adobe Reader version 6 (16Mb)


Adobe Reader version 7 (27Mb)  Adobe Reader version 5 (9Mb)
Additional supporting documents required for the visa:
  • Full unabridged birth certificate with Apostille (see 'How to complete the application')
  • Document from home affairs confirming that you are not married
  • Affidavit confirming that you have no children
  • A photocopy of every page of your passport
  • A full police clearance certificate with Apostille
  • A certified copy of your matric certificate with Apostille, if you have a degree, a copy of that as well (new from Jan 15th 2007)