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Must I have a driver's license?
It is definitely an advantage, but DENMARK is the only country that will accept an applicant who is still 17!



What are living conditions like?
You can expect your own room as an au-pair, provided within the family home and you will be treated like a big sister.   It is very important to the Danes that the family lives comfortably. Most Danish houses and flats are of a high standard and are usually spacious. In most families, children have their own room.

Most Danish houses reflect the high standard of living in the country.

Au-pair in Denmark

What will my au-pair duties be?

Danish families by law cannot ask an aupair to work more than 18 - 30 hours per week. Typically if you are willing to work at least 30 hours per week, you will get paid more.   Most of the duties of an au-pair  will revolve around the children; however an au-pair can be asked  to do washing and ironing, general tidying up of the home,  and cooking. You will be required to contract for a minimum period of one year.

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How does Health Insurance work?

Everybody who is resident in Denmark is entitled to hospital assistance in case of accidents, emergency illness or emergency worsening of  an illness.

Public health care service (health insurance) in Denmark covers hospitalisation and medical consultation. Furthermore, the health insurance subsidises medicine and a range of treatment.

You will  have a six week quarantine before having access to public health services and therefore you will need to purchase medical insurance to cover your initial six weeks.

How much will it cost me

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Danish 'hygge' often means being together with friends and family eating and drinking.

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AU PAIR program in DENMARK
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Denmark is a small country of islands, located in Northern Europe. Denmark, which also consists of Greenland and the Faroe Islands, is a part of Scandinavia. The country has approx. 5.3 million inhabitants.

Denmark is a member of the EC, but has chosen not to take part in the monetary union and the military cooperation.

Characteristic features of Denmark are primarily the welfare system, which ensures equal rights and access to public services for all, and the democratic government. Denmark is also characterised by gender equality, freedom of speech, an active business life and high-quality research and development environments.

The Danes are informal in dealing with people and put a lot of focus on their personal freedom


An aupair in Denmark must be treated the same as the rest of the family and you become a big sister or brother in the family home. The Danes feel strongly that both sexes must have equal rights and it is perfectly fine for childcare to be done a man instead of a woman. The home is very important to the Danes. 

They invest a lot in good and spacious accommodation and normally most meals are taken in the home; so if you enjoy cooking this could be the perfect program for you. There are three main meals in Denmark: breakfast and dinner are typically eaten at home, whereas lunch for practical reasons has to be eaten elsewhere and often consists of a packed lunch brought from home.

The Danes prioritise their spare time highly, and many are active outside of work practising sports, attending evening classes, participating in cultural activities such as visiting museums and going to the theatre or taking part in associations and clubs.

The Danish cultural life is varied, offering live music, ballet, theatre and opera. The Royal Danish Ballet, the opera houses in Jutland and Copenhagen and the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra are examples of internationally acclaimed institutions. Denmark is, furthermore, the country of music festivals, which means the selection of music in the summer half is comprehensive and international, especially in the genres of rock, folk and jazz.

Other leisure activities range from all types of sport and exercise to clubs, associations, organisation and evening classes. All local authorities arrange activities specifically for children.

You may be responsible for bathing and  feeding the children, playing games, taking them to school and fetching them, supervising homework and taking them to extra mural activities such as, swimming lessons, art, karate, ballet; arranging play dates with friends and taking them on suitable outings.  You will be responsible for ironing, general housework,  meal preparation, help with grocery shopping and other family chores. Family life is warm, cosy and affectionate.

We provide you with information about your host family and they will call you for an interview. Often you will choose a family based on mutual expectations and hobbies and interests, or they may just sound right. Should the unlikely case of an exploitative situation occur, JCR will remove you and arrange for you to stay in a safe house and where possible place you with another family.Aupair in Denmark


  • Have your own furnished bedroom in your host family's home
  • Receive pocket money of between DKK2500  per month (about R3500)
  • Have one weekend and one day per week off per month
  • work a maximum of 30 hours per week
  • be able to travel and explore Europe
  • Meet regularly with other au-pairs
  • Have the option to attend Danish Language lessons (Education is free in Denmark)
  • Have your airfare paid back to you by your host family after completion of a successful year or if you application is superb, have the family pay your airfare in full in advance.
  • a legal aupair visa with full support by a JCR representative during the year.
  • two weeks paid leave


To apply you must

  • be aged between 17 and 29 inclusive
  • enjoy children aged between 3 months and 13 years and have at least 200 hours of child care experience with sibling or relatives or friends
  • are a dedicated person, willing to make a one year committment to experience Danish culture.
  • are a non smoker
  • Speak reasonably well; one of the following languages, English, German, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian
  • are energetic and enthusiastic
  • Be willing to purchase medical insurance for the first six weeks of your stay. 



To use these forms you must have a version of Adobe Reader on your computer.

( email us to request these sent to you as word documents if you prefer, please remember to tell us which country!) 


How to complete the application Medical View a completed photo collage

Application (this version allows you to complete the form online and email only the data. You can courier or post the balance of the application)

Application (This version can be printed and returned to us)



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Cover Sheet
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 If you are seventeen, you will need a letter of permission from both your parents to participate in the Aupair Program in Denmark