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Taj Mahal

Crossover Intern Program - India in computer science, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, computer engineering.

Would you like an opportunity to gain invaluable experience with one of the leading GLOBAL IT organisations. 

JCR Intercultural Exchange Programs Pty Ltd Australia, New Zealand and Korea and JCR Cultural Exchange Programs (Pty) Ltd South Africa in association with Satyam Pty Ltd.

The Satyam Intern program is aimed at graduates who would like to gain valuable experience in their chosen field by working with one of the leading global IT organisations in India.  Satyam offers internship positions to graduates in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering. 

Graduates in Business Management, Human Resources, Economics and Finance, Business Administration, Marketing are welcome to apply if they are interested to explore options in the IT industry.

Satyam specialises in developing software to meet a company/corporationís specific needs. They work with major corporations and major banks throughout the world.  Interns will, therefore, enjoy exposure to a range of skills and knowledge of the industry at the highest level.


Satyam has five training facilities in India situated in Hyderabad, Chennai,  Bangalore, Pune and Bhubaneshwar.

Successful Interns will work in any one of these five training facilities depending on where an intern is placed.  Placements are at the companyís discretion and will be based on the outcome of the career desk session that will happen during the interview and the induction period. 

Map of India


Interview of Candidates

  • Selection of candidates will be done through a process that involves:
  • Shortlisting of CVs by Satyam HR
  • Shortlisted candidates interviewed by a special Interview Panel comprising overseas HR and selected

Selected candidates issued offer letters to join Satyam

Career Desk

  • Candidates offered brief overview of job roles in Satyam
  • Counselling as to matching of job skills and job roles available done by Career Desk
  • Career Desk will comprise of Placement HR
  • Job Role options will be offered for candidates to explore for best choice

About the placements

Job roles that interns can fit into include profiles like:

Business analysis/research
Business development
Marketing and pre-sales
Branding and Communication

Software development & programming
Microsoft SQL
System analysis and design
Database design
Web development

Career desk will aid placement of candidates into job roles that will suit his/her specific skill sets and aspirations.


Satyam will help the interns to locate and arrange for their living accommodation. Economical accommodation is available in abundance in all the cities where the internships are being offered. Satyam provides a Mentor and Help Desk which is available to all interns for all support information.

The living accommodation is typically in a safe, upper middle class residential area. It would probably be a 3 bedroom apartment with each bedroom having its own bathroom. There will be a large living room and a kitchen. All apartments will come furnished with essentials such as refrigerator, TV, cabinets, wardrobes, beds etc.  It is expected that 6 interns will share such an apartment which means that two interns share a bedroom and bathroom. In this way costs are kept to the minimum for each individual.  Interns are responsible for their share of the accommodation rental, utilities for the apartment, service in the apartment, food, travel to and from work. 

It is estimated that the shared costs will amount to about  INR11000 per month [About AU$325, NZ$350, Korean Won 252,758, S.African Rand 1593]  leaving an amount of about INR6000 [About AU$177. NZ$ 190, Korean Won 137, 868, S.Africa Rand 869] to spend on socialising and any other activity. 

The adequacy of this amount of money has been validated by experience with interns from Europe, North America, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand.



Interns will work a 45 hour week. Prior to being placed all interns will fly to Hyderabad where they will be accommodated in the Satyam Technology Center for an induction and orientation program.

During that time they will be assessed in a one on one interview as to their career destination(Career Desk). Satyam will pay train fare for all interns to reach their work destination after the initial 2 week training is completed.

Interns will receive a stipend of INR17000 [about AU$ 502, NZ$ 540,  Korean Won 390,626, South African Rand 2462]  per month after tax. Stipend will be paid by the last working day of the month if they joined before the 15th of the previous month.  If they joined after the 15th of the month they will be paid by the 8th of the ensuing month for the first month only. Thereafter they will be paid on the last working day of every month.

You can participate in the intern program if:

  1. You are between the ages of 21 and 30 inclusive
  2. You are an Australian, New Zealand, South Korean or South African citizen. 
  3. You are either a native English speaker or have an excellent level of English.
  4. You are mature and able to stand on your own two feet
  5. You are flexible and able to adapt to the culture, living and working in India for a minimum period of 12 months. You will be called upon to show your willingness to make the adaptations to another culture. You will be called upon to show your motivation in applying for the internship.
  6. You have a strong sense of responsibility and reliability
  7. You have completed your undergraduate studies in those fields as outlined in the opening paragraph
  8. You are able to show that you have some background and/or skills in one of the following areas: a] Software development and programming. b] Microsoft SQL server. c] System analysis and design. d] Oracle. e] Database design. f] Web development tools. Graduates in business management, Human resources etc. should have computer/internet skills.
  9. You are able to show that you are a team player
  10. You are able to show that you have some presentation skills.
  11. You understand and accept that you have to take the internship position that is offered to you.
  12. You understand that you will be making a minimum 12 month commitment.

Towards Building a Future

Satyamís internship is constructed to be a job that aims at building the CVs and future careers of the interns. They, therefore, require a high degree of loyalty and reliability, hard work and determination to succeed. 

If you are looking at only a cultural exchange and an easy job, then please do not apply. The selection process is fairly rigorous.  It should be borne in mind that Satyam is in a position to make permanent offers in global locations to Interns who do well, but this should not be taken as a given.  Hence it is very important that interns perform to their best abilities during the internship.

Interns have to pay their own way to and from India. They must provide their own health insurance cover for the period. Interns must insure that they have all vaccinations as required by the Indian Embassy before leaving their home country.

Interns should have with them sufficient money to pay for their return ticket [if they fly on a one way ticket]. You will need about INR5000 for the deposit for the accommodation. It is also suggested that interns take INR10000 as sustenance money until they receive their first pay.

How to get onto the intern program:

Complete the application form on this website. Send that back to JCR together with a passport sized photo and a copy of your degree or transcript thereof if you have not yet received your degree certificate and the processing fee of R500.00.

The above will be submitted to Satyam. You will be contacted regarding the next steps in the process. If you are successful and accepted as an intern, a placement fee of R1500.00 will be levied.

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