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View comments and feedback on Au Pair Search.

Comment From : Trudi Curtis
Comment Date : 27 April 2003
Email Address : trudicurtis@msn.com
Topic : Thank you and here we go again!
We have had 3 au-pairs from Au-Pair Search and all have adored our kids. We hope to be successful again. Thanks a lot.
Comment From : Maryanne Waltsak
Comment Date : 28 October 2002
Email Address : johnwayne@monmouth.com
Topic : so many entries
I was going through the data base of au pairs. There were over 1000. I had to leave after looking at about 100. Is there any way to skip ahead to the ones I have not seen yet?
Comment From : Jill & Ken Georges
Comment Date : 31 July 2002
Email Address : jgeorges@quiknet.com
Topic : Aupairs answering their email
We have had two wonderful nannies in the past from Sweden. Lately, we need an aupair and have submitted letters to over 20 registered aupairs and received three answers. I understand if we are not a good match for them but it would be most respectful if they could simply return the email stating they are not interested. Still hoping for the best! Host f 30284
Comment From : Kuhn
Comment Date : 16 November 2001
Email Address : edelweissengelberg@bluewin.ch
Topic : we have searched a nanni
... and found her also for the 2nd time very soon via aupairsearch. I am sure that for young people and families you do a great job in bringing them together Thank you Susanne Kuhn, Hotel Edelweiss, Switzerland
Comment From : Beatrice Cox
Comment Date : 7 November 2001
Email Address : beatricecox@rcn.com
Topic : au pair found
I just wanted to thank you for persiting with me when I wanted to be removed because you were matching me with the wrong people (language wise), you sent me people that mathched my requirements and I found a great person. thanks again.
Comment From : JF GACHET
Comment Date : 23 July 2001
Email Address : jfgachet@wanadoo.fr
Topic : Satisfaction
Hello, I just want to say you that your service is perfect. In 15 days we have a au-pair. Better than agencies in 3 month. Thank s allot Best regards
Comment From : katrien leplae
Comment Date : 9 June 2001
Email Address : katrien_leplae@hotmail.com
Topic : about the site
I will never say again that I don't like the internet. You just have to find a way to use it properly.....and thanks to this site I have found a very nice family in only two weeks. This doesn't mean I have rushed into things, but Email works so fast and you can exchange a lot of information in a short time!! I am leaving in august to the usa and I'm very looking forward to it!!
Comment From : Anna Seatter
Comment Date : 21 March 2000
Email Address : principal.rnls@xtra.co.nz
Topic : thank you for your wonderful service
I wish to thank all those involved in bringing this service to aupairs and host families. I have now decided on my host family and want therefore also to thank the other families who were willing to have me as their aupair. Thanks for your emails and the photos you sent.
Comment From : Djordje Damjanovic
Comment Date : 22 February 2000
Email Address : Damjan@sombor.net
Topic : Splendid
A splendid site really.I am impressed with its easy handling and discretion.Hope I'll find a suitable family for me soon. Djordje from Yugoslavia.
Comment From : M James
Comment Date : 20 February 2000
Email Address : awjames@ozemail.com.au
Topic : Thankyou!
Just cancelled my registration, found the perfect au pair - THANKS! PS - You should think about adding a comments /feedback section to the cancellation page.
Comment From : Mahlon Rumph
Comment Date : 6 January 2000
Email Address : MaRumph@aol.com
Topic : Web Site
Yours is a very valuable web site. I found my au pair in just 3 days and have her on her way here in a week. I am having difficulty getting the "remove update" page to initiate. It loads only halfway, then goes dead. Please remove my from the database, since I have found an au pair. Thanks for this wonderful service. Mahlon Rumph
Comment From : Stacy
Comment Date : 3 January 2000
Email Address : jfamilyca@aol.com
Topic : Great service!
I found an wonderful AuPair through your service... I just wanted to thank you for providing families and people a place to find eachother. I spoke via internet to many nice girls and took a chance that worked out great for us and her - she doesn't want to go back to Germany now!
Comment From : Monica van Wyk
Comment Date : 12 December 1999
Email Address : monica_van_wyk@hotmail.com
Topic : Delete my au pair registration
Thanks for putting such a great site on the internet, it is great for anyone that is considering having an aupair or being one. I would like you to please delete my registration because I found a dream job I have been waiting for for quite a while. Thanks for your great service.
Comment From : Barbara
Comment Date : 9 November 1999
Email Address : BZKAT@yahoo.com
Topic : Success
We found an au-pair through this website in August, it was very quick and easy to do, and she turned out to be great, now that she is living with us for a month. Would definitely recommend this database, I spoke to several candidates and they all seemed very good .
Comment From : Leah Mussman
Comment Date : 31 August 1999
Email Address : prenceslea@aol.com
Topic : perfect fit
Dear Searchers, Thanks to this site, I found the family an au pair only dreams about. My dream came true. I leave for Italy in October and could not be more thankful for all the help aupairsearch provided. I hope everyone else has the success I have had so far!! Best wishes, Leah Mussman
Comment From : Sarah Reynolds
Comment Date : 23 August 1999
Email Address : sassywilks@aol.com
Topic : My new aupair
I just wanted to thank you. Ihave just used your service for the second successful time. We have had a lovely aupair from Turkey who has lived with us for the past year and is now going back to school, and we are now bringing over a Hungarian girl who seems terrific. I have recommended your service to several friends.
Comment From : Jeannette Graetz
Comment Date : 3 August 1999
Email Address : jeannette@efortress.com
Topic : good work
I am looking for an au pair for over half a year now, I tried to place ads all over the world, I even had a girl comming who then changed her mind - she never came and told her parents, that she is going to the States, not where, not how long, not what she was going to do there, so maybe I am glad she didn't come to me! But I sure appreciate your service, and I should have looked it up sooner! In all the hundreds of addresses and names that you provide, I am sure to find a nice, efficient nanny for me and my family! Thanks for the effort and the web site! I am sure to write again, as soon as I found my match! Jeannette
Comment From : Caroline Jones
Comment Date : 25 March 1999
Email Address : caroline_j98@hotmail.com
Topic : EXCITING STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm very impressed with this site. Thanks for your effort and work. I hope I find the right family soon!
Comment From : Stefania
Comment Date : 26 January 1999
Email Address : stefania@biblio.polimi.it
Topic : Thanks
Your site is really very well constructed, and the service you offer is very very good. On more it works: our aupair and us met here last summer, and she is living with us from September. Our life is easier and richer, and I'll surely come back here when we'll need another aupair. Thank you for your site: I've signaled it as optimum.
Comment From : Stoney
Comment Date : 3 December 1998
Email Address : rp43906@online-club.de
Topic : Thanks
I just wanted to thank you guys for the best au-pair site on the web. I got responses within hours. Keep up the good work. All au-pair, agencies and host family are (I believe) proud of what you are doing for us.
Comment From : rolanda reid
Comment Date : 14 November 1998
Email Address : rreid@mcmail.co.uk
Topic : searching
we have been searching for a south african aupair for ages and at last we have found a wonderful site. Living in London and having dealt with the agencies here, your site holds great promise. next time i write to the site will be to celebrate having found an au pair. your site is fantastic!!!!!!!!
Comment From : Lisa
Comment Date : 4 November 1998
Topic : So far so good
I just wanted to say that I was impressed at how fast I received responses from potential aupairs!! (I only registered yesterday) Your service seems to good to be true! I feel very hopeful that I will find the right girl to work for us!! Thanks again!
Comment Date : 19 October 1998
Email Address : daniejb@m.web.co.za
Topic : THANKS
Thanks for an excellent site. It is as easy as ABC for any au-pair or family to search in. With a bit of luck my dog will also be able to look for a family when he had enough of us. Best wishes and congratulations with the BEST and user friendly au-pair site.
Comment Date : 29 September 1998
Email Address : daniejb@mweb.co.za
Comment From : Nusbaumer
Comment Date : 31 August 1998
Email Address : Mnusbaumer@Aol.com
Topic : Thanks
Thank you for your fantastic service. If it hadn't existed I should have imagined it. We found a canadian Aupair and we are very satisfied.
Comment From : Hilde Tellefsen
Comment Date : 28 July 1998
Email Address : pilde69@online.no
Topic : Thanks
Thanks for helping us out finding an au pair. Greetings from Norway , we`w chosen a girl from Brazil , and dont know how we could have done this without your help!
Comment From : Olaf Slater
Comment Date : 16 June 1998
Email Address : oslater@timc.net
Topic : Super Service
...this is the best site on Au Pair I've ever seen! -and I've seen a few... ;-) I hope the Au Pair we found in your Data- base is still available...she's not only just right, she would be PERFECT! -there were 6 that met our general conditions, which is the biggest match percentage we've achieved (We have had Au Pair's before), but your Site allowed us to find one with traits we never dreamed of getting! Keep up the great work! Sincerely, The Slaters
Comment From : June Barnard
Comment Date : 8 May 1998
Email Address : JuneB@LIW.Denel.co.za
Topic : Aupair
I just want to say THANKS A MILLION, I was placed with a US family within 24 hours after submitting my details. I have received numerous offers but decided to choose this family. I am due to fly out in Nov 98 but I will e-mail you all about it when I am there. Thanks again for the service.
Comment From : Tasha
Comment Date : 2 May 1998
Email Address : snow_mermaid@gurlmail.com
Topic : Au Pair
I used this site to meet a WONDERFUL family in the US. Everything went fine and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was so hard to pick the family, because I had actually been accepted by a few, but in the end I think I made a wise choice. I would highly recommend this service to anyone.
Comment From : Marla Timmer
Comment Date : 25 April 1998
Email Address : timmer_marla@coxpcs.com
Topic : Found an AuPair
This service is wonderful. I thought it would be difficult to find an aupair for the short time frame and off-season that I needed one but I found one right away. She is currently working for me and is working out great. Thank you.


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