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Must I have a driver's license?
No, it is not a prerequisite for most positions , but if you have one it is an advantage

What are living conditions like?
You can expect your own room as an au-pair, provided within the family home.   Homes in the cities tend to be smaller than homes in the country. 

Lisa with Luis in Leutkirch
Download Lisa's description of her duties.


What will my au-pair duties be?

German families do  require domestic assistance from their aupairs. Most of the duties of an au-pair  will revolve around the children; however an au-pair should expect to load the washer and dryer and do some ironing, general tidying up of the home  and cooking for the children. You will be required to contract for a minimum period of one year. Au-pair pocket money is   Euro 260 -  per month for 35 hours per week, but many families pay more and you can negotiate to do extra hours for more money..

Rheinstein Castle, Rhine River
How long is my contract?

JCR will ask you to contract with your host family for six months or one year. It takes at least eight weeks to process an au-pair visa so you need to plan well in advance. You can only go once to Germany on an aupair visa!

Why the age limits..I look very young!

The age limits are not set by JCR. They are set by the German Government and unless you are within the age limits requested, you will be refused an au-pair permit for Germany.

How much will it cost me?

Click here for the program costs.

What Protection do I have?

 JCR have one of the best German programs. Aupairs are placed within easy contact of other aupairs and a community counsellor. The counsellor will arrange regular get togethers during the year and call  to check on each aupair as well as providing emergency assistance.

Christmas with the snow outside!


AUPAIR IN  Germany



( email us to request these sent to you as word documents if you prefer)

You need to provide

  • Application forms
  • medical
  • references
  • interview
  • cover sheet
  • letter to your host family
  • photo collage
  • police clearance 
How to complete the application Medical View a completed photo collage

Application (this version allows you to complete the form online and email only the data. You can courier or post the balance of the application)

Application (This version can be printed and returned to us)



View a complete letter
Cover Sheet
Agreement Adobe Reader version 6 (16Mb) View another completed photo collage
References Adobe Reader version 7 (27Mb)  Adobe Reader version 5 (9Mb)


Public Germany offers sausages, beer, cars that outperform all others and a football team that seldom loses. To understand private Germany however and to get in touch with the German soul (inside every German is a touch of  Beethoven) you must live within the culture as a member of a family.   Germans have an unequalled passion for their cultural heritage and will be happy to share with it with you. The Germans green economics and politics is amongst the most developed in the world


Germans pride themselves on their efficiency, organisation, discipline, cleanliness and punctuality. Within that framework, your host family expects you to provide safe, loving, reliable child care assistance for their children for between 25 and 35 hours per week. You may be responsible for bathing and  feeding the children, playing games, taking them to school and fetching them, supervising homework and taking them to extra mural activities such as horse riding, swimming lessons, art, karate, ballet; arranging play dates with friends and taking them on suitable outings.  You will be responsible for ironing, general housework,  meal preparation, help with grocery shopping and other family chores. You will learn about recycling all manner of waste. Family life is warm, cosy and affectionate.

We provide you with information about your host family and they will call you for an interview. Often you will choose a family based on mutual expectations and hobbies and interests, or they may just sound right. Should the unlikely case of an exploitative situation occur, JCR will remove you and arrange for you to stay in a safe house and where possible place you with another family.


You will:

  • Have your own furnished bedroom in your host family's home
  • Receive weekly pocket money (Euro 260  per month)
  • Have two weeks paid vacation with pocket money
  • Be able to travel and explore Europe 
  • Be given a JCR handbook with information about banking, meeting friends, managing homesickness etc.
  • Meet regularly with other au-pairs (CLICK HERE FOR CALENDAR 2007)
  • Be enrolled in a German language course to assist you with learning German whilst you are there which will paid for by your host family.
  • Have your airfare provided by the host family (terms and conditions apply)
  • Have access to a counsellor with a 24 hour emergency number

Download a letter of introduction from a family   

Download another letter of introduction from a family

Family Mueller


To apply you

  • must be aged between 18 and 24 inclusive
  • enjoy children aged between 3 months and 13 years and have at least 200 hours of child care experience with sibling or relatives or friends
  • have completed at least 10 years of school
  • are a dedicated person, willing to make a one year committment to experience German culture.
  • are preferably a non smoker (this is the only program where host families will tolerate smoking as long as it is NEVER with the children
  • are energetic and enthusiastic
  • You must be willing to attend the German course provided by JCR  to achieve a minimum competency level or you must have studied German and be able to prove a certificate or exam results

Brandenburg Gate; Berlin