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[2]Useful information and documentation for au pairs and families[2]

Rules for Au-Pairs
Au - pair Rules and regulations

Au Pair Agreement


1. I_______________________________________________ confirm that I have read all written materials provided by the family and that I do meet all the requirements. I understand that the au pair is a year spent on cultural exchange and that I am not a domestic employee. I am aware that being an au pair requires a large amount of flexibility and compromise. I also understand I must be extremely responsible and that I must take my duties seriously.

 2. I confirm that I have answered all questions honestly and that all information provided in my application is correct and true.

 3. After confirmation of a family match, I shall stay in touch with my host family and shall inform them  of my travel arrangements. I agree not to travel to my host family until I have received a written invitation from them.

 4. I shall familiarize myself with all (if any) visa requirements. I shall obtain necessary documents (eg, a valid passport) prior to departure and shall not enter my host country without a proper visa or permit (if required).

 5. I agree to re-imburse the family for all expenses incurred on my behalf including where required all costs for language courses and travel to and from my host country as well as any debts I incur such as telephone bills, car maintenance, gas, etc). I shall bring some money with me to pay for emergencies and unforeseen expenses.

 6. I have discussed and am familiar with and agree to abide by all the host family's conditions, in particular those regarding: the number and distribution of working hours, au pair duties, pocket money, free time, holidays, language courses, transportation costs, insurance and the termination of an au pair arrangement.

 7. Upon arrival in my host country, I shall discuss in detail with my host family the daily or weekly routine and our joint expectations of the au pair year. I shall discuss and clarify use of the car for both private and family use, car insurance, emergency procedures, discipline and problem solving procedures.

 8. I shall carry out my child care and light housekeeping duties with diligence. In addition to my au pair duties, I agree to keep my room clean and neat and to make a fair contribution to the cleanliness of the "common areas" of my host family's home and to do my share in helping with family meal preparation.

 9. I agree to abide by all house rules set by the host family (eg, use of telephone and facilities within the home, daytime and overnight visitors, curfew, smoking, safety and security etc). During my stay I shall behave in a manner which does not reflect badly upon my host family or my home country.

 10. I shall seek the advice of the host family before administering any form of discipline on the children. Under no circumstances shall I hit, shake or use any other form of corporal punishment on the children, or leave them alone.

 11. I shall discuss with my host family any arrangements for holidays well in advance.

 12. I shall make a concerted effort to experience the culture of my host country and to learn the language. I shall respect cultural differences and display tolerance towards others. I shall make a concerted effort to make friends amongst the people in my area as well as with other au pairs.

 13. I realize that the success of my au pair stay depends largely on my own initiative. I shall try to integrate myself into family life and, should any problems arise, communicate openly with the family and actively seek a solution.

 14. I shall make every effort to resolve any differences with my host family. If no solution can be reached and I decide to leave the family, I agree to give advanced notice. During this time period, I shall perform my normal duties and receive room, board and pocket money.

15. I understand that I may be asked to return  home if

      - I fail to abide by this agreement.

      - I falsify any information in my application (eg,, regarding smoking, child care experience, health, etc).

      - I begin my au pair stay before receiving a letter of invitation from the family or a proper visa.

      - I am responsible for repeated problems with the family.

      - I disobey the laws of my host country.

16. I agree to leave my host country before my visa or residency permit expires (if applicable).

17. I shall not undertake any other paid employment and will perform only those tasks related to my  au pair position.

18. Should I decide to cancel my application, I shall inform the au pair agency at once.


Date___________________________ Signature__________________________




** Will be translated into your selected language soon